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A 12 month weight loss program to lose weight and keep it off, now with GLP-1 support

Transform Weight Management is part of a winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and create a framework for successfully using AND discontinuing GLP-1s.

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Proven Clinical Outcomes: Virgin Pulse's Transform Weight Management is built on the success and proven track record of Transform Prediabetes, recognized by the CDC as a top-performing program 12 times and counting

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GLP-1 Support: Ask about how we support every phase of the GLP-1 journey, from prior authorization, to utilization, to successful discontinuation. Participants receive a  personalized GLP-1 coaching plan and focused educational content on medication and symptom management, developed by our pharmacist coaches and other clinical experts.

"The only way I can describe my experience is that it has been a miracle.  With Transform Weight Management, I'm not only losing weight, I'm learning the tools I need to continue the weight loss and lead a healthier lifestyle."
Val, VP Transform Program Member

Virgin Pulse removes barriers between members and the results they can see and feel

Our evidence-based approach helps employees lose weight and reduce medications - and make it last. Transform Weight Management is now integrated into your Homebase for Health®.


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Transformative weight loss outcomes that last



Embedded within personalized, daily use health and wellbeing solution



Participants said they liked their Transform Weight Management program experience



Transform outperforms similar programs' weight loss avg by 49%

Validated results

Industry’s top engagement and health outcomes as evidenced by various studies, internal client reviews, and recognition from CDC.

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Members receive proactive prevention support and science-backed intervention to lose weight and keep it off

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Transform Weight Management

Comprehensive care path designed to promote self-efficacy

Your people are supported by:

Transform care - the first 6 months

  • Core evidence-based programming to build healthy behaviors 
  • Condition-specific peer groups and communities
  • Multimodal coaching

Transform for Life - the next 6 months

  • Maintenance programming to reinforce lifelong healthy habits
  • Condition-specific peer groups and communities
  • Multimodal coaching


Personalized curriculum

Holistic lesson plans

Self-paced learning modules include quizzes, action plans, and self-reflection. Topics cover all dimensions of wellbeing.

Photo-enabled food log

Easy-to-use photo-enabled food log encourages better tracking and provides intrinsic motivation.

Connected smart devices
  • Digital health, wellbeing, and navigation platform - one place for daily engagement

  • Auto-synced smart scale

  • Activity tracker


Trusted, human support

One-on-one sessions with a health coach

Deep expertise and personalized support from certified coaches:

  • CDC-certified Lifestyle Coaches
  • NBHWC-approved coach training
  • Whole person approach
  • Multimodal coaching
  • Convenient online scheduling
Achievable plans for lasting outcomes
  • By design, the program encourages long-lasting changes to health behaviors

  • Achieving program goals drives better outcomes for your population

  • Delivered as part of daily use health, wellbeing, and navigation platform to maximize ongoing support



VP Transform collection of digital therapeutics for prediabetes, weight management, and blood pressure.

winning digital therapeutics suite to support CardioMetabolic Syndrome and empower participants to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through sustainable behavior change.

Virgin Pulse resources for obesity and weight management

Changing lives for good

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Transform Weight Management Digital Therapeutics (DTx) FAQs

How does the Transform Weight Management program promote sustainable weight loss? 

Transform Weight Management is based on a proven, CDC-approved program curriculum and methodology with an optimized blend of human support, digital tools, and a focus on steady, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Participants benefit from unlimited coach messaging throughout the program, personalized sessions with a dedicated and certified coach, and a program structure intentionally designed to promote skill-building, confidence, and lasting change.

Self-paced learning modules feature science-backed lesson plans, quizzes, action plans, and self-reflection. Consumer-grade behavior tracking tools make activity, nutrition, and weight monitoring easy, with a connected scale, activity tracker, and photo-enabled food log to promote accountability and intrinsic motivation by making progress over time visual and more tangible.  

How can employees access and engage with the weight management program? 

Transform Weight Management is conveniently integrated within Virgin Pulse’s world-class digital platform with leading engagement. Easy access right from the homepage keeps it top of mind for participants, and seamless integration with their Homebase for Health provides members with a various holistic resources to complement their Transform experience throughout the program and beyond. 

What type of support does Transform Weight Management offer in addressing the unique needs and challenges of individuals struggling with weight control? 

At Virgin Pulse, we understand that all facets of life are interrelated when it comes to changing behaviors. That’s why Transform Weight Management transcends ineffective and toxic diet culture with a proven formula for health transformation.

Throughout the program, participants receive personalized, whole-person support from a dedicated CDC-certified lifestyle coach to uncover their intrinsic motivation and guide them through lessons, habit tracking, supplementary resources and employee benefits. Lessons and coaching cover holistic topics in a comprehensive approach to sustainable weight management that considers everything from balanced eating, meal planning, sleep, and sustainable physical activity to stress resilience, the connection between food and emotions, social support, and overcoming plateaus.  

How does Transform for Weight Management’s methodology differ from consumer weight loss programs? 

The secret sauce is our whole-person approach, best-in-class coaching and simplified yet comprehensive Homebase for Health experience.

Our coaching and digital experience cover all dimensions of wellbeing and meet people where they are. We blend the best coaching and behavior change science in a comprehensive approach to goal setting and resolving ambivalence that leverages strengths, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, and triggers across personal, social, and environmental spheres of influence.

VP Transform coaches are also CDC-certified and benefit from our rigorous and ongoing training program, approved by the National Board for Health & Wellness Coaches.  

Can Transform Weight Management seamlessly integrate into an organization's existing wellbeing programs or other employee health initiatives? 

We do this better than anyone else. Unlike similar programs and point solutions, Transform Weight Management is seamlessly integrated within Virgin Pulse’s world-class digital platform with leading engagement for a comprehensive one-stop experience for all things health, wellbeing, and navigation. With the daily engagement driven by our holistic wellbeing tools, we engage people proactively before care needs arise. 

For additional information on what you need to know about GLP-1s, weight loss, and how Virgin Pulse can help, visit our GLP-1 resource center →