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How leading health systems activate patients & prospects

See how others are improving patient acquisition & retention, reducing readmissions, ensuring patients stay current on health screenings, managing chronic conditions, and driving high-margin services with one health system CRM and multi-channel marketing engine.

Maximize marketing spending and deliver outcomes with one health system marketing partner.

Reach people where they are, with proven results from 3rd party evaluations.

VP Activate™ helps you pinpoint who may need your support and resources, who is most likely to engage, and the best way to connect with them to drive action. We exponentially increase the value of your efforts by combining data, predictive models, and multiple communication channels to communicate with the right people at the right time. Whether you focus on acquiring high-value members, closing care gaps, improving retention, reducing readmissions, or managing chronic conditions, we're here to help.

During this on-demand replay, we share how we've helped health systems simultaneously improve their bottom line and achieve marketing results. 

How do we do it? We have the 70% of the data you are missing and the marketing channels you need. Together, we deliver multi-channel marketing with an impact. Any use case, start any time of year and deliver outcomes your health system needs now.

Virgin Pulse is one partner for health system CRM, multi-channel marketing, and best practices without barriers of entry you will find with other partners.

In this replay, our engagement and activation experts share the inside scoop on VP Activate, including:  

  • Why it’s time to move from reactive to proactive outreach 
  • What insights can you expect from leveraging our consumer data (with insights on more than 275M Americans)  
  • How our campaign targeting can drive up to 55% higher activation 
  • The value you’ll see from executing multi-channel, multi-cycle campaigns from a single, easy-to-use platform 

Watch this on-demand replay to learn more.

Meet your speakers:

Erica Morgenstern
Chief Marketing Officer
Virgin Pulse
Jaci Haack
Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Virgin Pulse

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