The WEllbeing champion

Learn how Brown-Forman leverages champions to drive the success of their wellbeing program

Important elements of wellbeing program’s success are the communications strategy and the use of wellbeing champions. Brown-Forman focused on a global, comprehensive, communications program to ensure maximum participation. And, wellbeing champions reinforced that messaging by providing on-site support and promotion. 

In this webinar, Rebecca Hurst shares the story of how Brown-Forman Corporation created a unique multi-channel communication strategy and leveraged the role of the wellbeing champion to develop, launch, and drive the success of their program. 

Watch the Replay to learn:

  • How Brown-Forman’s employee wellbeing program started
  • Why it's important to invest in a role specific to managing their champions networks
  • The key roles and responsibilities of a champion at Brown Forman
  • What metrics are being used to evaluate the wellbeing program's success

Watch the Replay

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