Wellbeing Engagement and Measurement for Health Payers

Learn how top-rated health plans reduce claims costs and improve client satisfaction with science-backed wellbeing programs and powerful data and reporting.

Measuring The Impact of Your Wellbeing Program Should Be Easy

Don't just take our word from it. Hear from people just like you who are leveraging Virgin Pulse's powerful analytics and reporting tools on a daily basis to prove the return on investment of their wellbeing program.

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Leading Wellbeing Engagement, Extraordinary Business Results 

Engage your members and business results will follow. 

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Virgin Pulse clients experience a 13.4% reduction in claims costs. Members take 31% fewer sick days and 65% say that Virgin Pulse makes their company a better place to work. Explore All of the Health and Business Outcomes you can achieve with wellbeing.

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The proof is in the numbers, but how you are able to analyze and target your unique populations and illustrate your return on investment is critical. 

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