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Stay Healthy and Engaged
While Working from Home

Help your workforce adjust to working remotely and perform at their best during your coronavirus (COVID-19) response. Check in daily as we continue to add in tools and resources to help people build healthy habits for productivity, mindfulness, resilience, sleep, nutrition and physical activity.

While Working from Home

Working from home can make it challenging to focus and collaborate with co-workers.

Try these tips to stay on-task throughout the day, maintain your normal morning routine, and stay accountable to yourself and your team amidst working remotely. 

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Mental Wellbeing
While Working from Home

Stress, doubt, and anxiety can be just as contagious as COVID-19 itself. It is important for organizations to help employees with their emotional wellbeing during this time of crisis.


Help your workforce manage stress and perform their best while working from home.

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Healthy Sleep Habits
While Working From Home

Resting and recharging are essential to your health in times of crisis or change.

Learn why sleep is the foundation of your employees’ mental and physical health, safety, resilience and productivity.

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Nutrition and Activity
While Working From Home

Healthy habits tend to take the sideline when your daily routine is disrupted. But, making time for exercise and nutritious meals is never more critical than in times of stress.


Empower your people to prioritize their wellbeing and give them tools to make healthy choices and maintain a balanced life

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