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Work-Life Balance Worksheet

Building awareness is the first step to change. But how aware are you of your current work-life balance? Could changes be made to help you feel and live your life better? 

Self-awareness is the first step to change. Help your employees develop a better understanding of their current and ideal work-life balance and where change should start.

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Help Your Employees Manage Stress and Build Resilience

Nearly 8 in 10 employees globally reported that the pandemic has negatively impacted their mental health. Your employees’ health—physical, mental, and emotional—has a profound effect on all areas of their life, work, and their ability to thrive.

Mindfulness has many benefits in the workplace, whether you engage in a 2-minute or 30-minute daily practice. By dispelling misconceptions about mindfulness and meditation, you can empower your people to find resilience-boosting and stress-busting techniques that work for them.

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How to Build a Culture of Compassion

Watch our webinar replay with Dr. Batman, Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board Member, and Dr. Powell, Chief Social Impact and Diversity Officer at Headspace to learn how to introduce compassion into your culture and upskill empathetic leaders.

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4 Tips for Beating Work From Home Burnout

Learn how to gain insight into your organization's work-from-home culture, create an action plan to better support your remote population, and steps to help your remote workforce manage stress and avoid burnout.

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Managers in the Middle: How to Balance Their Burden Amid Quite & Loud Quitting Trends

Providing effective leadership and employee satisfaction in today’s workplace is no easy task, especially for middle managers who bear the brunt of the burden. Balancing their team members’ needs, their own supervisor’s assignments, plus the demands of the business can be overwhelming. The recent rise of quiet – and now loud – quitting makes it clear that managers are facing difficulties. How can we help minimize the squeeze? 

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Building a Future of Work that Works for Women 

According to McKinsey, women leaders are switching jobs at the highest rates they’ve ever seen – and at higher rates than men in leadership.   

The reasons women leaders are stepping away are telling – they are not leaving the workforce; they are leaving their organization. Women are establishing roots at organizations that deliver equitable, supportive, flexible, and inclusive workplaces that recognize and reward the contributions and leave those that won’t. 

This on-demand webinar is designed for HR, people leaders, and managers across all industries. In this webinar, you will hear from a panel of women and family health, wellbeing, benefits, and caregiving support experts from Ovia Health, Rethink Care, and Virgin Pulse as they discuss how organizations can make meaningful and sustainable progress in the workplace.  

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