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How Mind-Body Connectivity and Real Employee Wellness Builds Teams, Banishes Burnout

Hear from a two-time SXSW and TEDx speaker who will shed light on employee wellness, the ROI of stress reduction, and burnout prevention with expertise on the science behind creating healthy workplaces and building inclusive teams.

In this Thrive Summit replay, you'll learn:

  • The key differences between stress and burnout and how we CAN move the needle
  • Insights on DEI and inclusivity in the workplace, supporting vulnerable populations, and the impact on mental health
  • The power of human-centered teams, leaders, and organizations for attracting and retaining top talent
  • The importance of rest and how to reprioritize it in today’s hustle culture
  • Michelle’s #1 self-care activity
Michelle Courtney Berry, MPS, CISD, RMT
Self-help author and health and wellbeing speaker

Michelle Courtney Berry, an in-demand speaker, author, entrepreneur, and expert in the science behind creating healthy workplaces and building inclusive teams, is an internationally-certified health and wellness coach, meditation teacher, hiking leader, and Reiki Master Teacher who focuses on the psychology of workplace behavior and its impact on stress, communication, costs, and innovation. A two-time TEDx and two-time SXSW speaker, Michelle has opened for and shared stages with Dr. Maya Angelou, Howard Zinn, and The Dalai Lama.

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