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How COVID Disrupted Wellbeing and Work Environments

Quantifying the impact of COVID on diverse workforce populations

From remote work and masks, to burnout and social isolation, 2020 surfaced a myriad of unpredictable (and ongoing) disruptions.

In this detailed breakdown and analysis of Virgin Pulse’s COVID-19 survey, you'll discover how these changes and disruptions affected the daily life of employer-sponsored wellbeing program participants. 

Access the report to learn the impact COVID had on employees' mental and physical health, finances, and nutrition and how your organization can leverage these findings to support your people as we transition into the new world of work. 

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  • Why a wellbeing program's ease of use has become a top priority for enabling employees to create consistent and healthy routines
  • The differences in daily disruptions faced by those working from home, on-site, and on the front lines
  • How organizations can help employees build resilience by providing targeted resources and increased flexibility
  • How to best support your entire workforce, whether they're returning to the workplace or staying remote

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