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Finding Comfort in a New
Healthy Routine

Actionable Tips for Every Part of the Day

Your employees might not miss the commute, distracting coworkers and time spent packing lunches while working from home, but they might be craving the structure provided by the daily trek to the office. While working from home does provide extra time and flexibility it also can be hurting creativity, ability to focus and overall mental wellbeing.

Balancing pets, childcare, constant email alerts and back-to-back Zoom meetings isn’t easy, but by making small adjustments to daily routines, employees can be on their way to a healthier, more productive workweek. We’ve put together some simple, practical tips to help your workforce add some structure to their days while working remotely.

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  • The importance of starting each day with healthy behaviors.
  • Why scheduling regular breaks throughout the day helps to boost productivity and avoid burnout.
  • How to create an after-work ritual that promotes work-life balance.

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