Help employees manage
mental wellbeing during COVID-19

Get resources to help you support your people in navigating stress, uncertainty and building resilience.

Employees around the world are riding an emotional
rollercoaster as they face disruption of their routine from the coronavirus. Many are working longer, harder hours. Others are balancing work and kids at home. And some are facing the fears and unknowns of layoffs or furloughs. 

Even without constant distraction, research shows that 58% of employees reported an inability to regulate their attention at work1. Organisations can help their employees feel and perform their best and build resilience by providing resources to prevent and manage stress, anxiety and depression. 

Download this Toolkit to access:

  • Healthy habits for all areas of life when work-life routine and balance is upended.
  • Advice to help employees avoid feeling isolated and lonely.
  • Strategies on how to find focus while working from home.

Harvard Business Review. "Build Your Resilience in the Face of a Crisis." March 19, 2020

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