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ROI + VOI Toolkit

The ROI of healthier populations

What would it do for your bottom line if your absenteeism rates go down, your people are more efficient, and turnover rates drop, all while reducing healthcare costs?

You can't afford to not invest in their wellbeing. 

We're giving you the data and insights you need to prove the value of employee wellbeing to your team. 

In this toolkit, you'll get:

  • Access to new study demonstrating how Virgin Pulse moves the needle on obesity, hypertension, and diabetes

  • Guidance to prove the business case for wellbeing to your leadership team and stakeholders

  • A framework for understanding the value on investment of wellbeing programs

  • Our top tips for planning smart, spending wisely, and overcoming budget barriers

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New Study Demonstrates Virgin Pulse Moves the Needle on Obesity, Hypertension, and Diabetes

Virgin Pulse 90k member study - obesity, blood pressure, blood glucose


Full-year analysis shows Homebase for Health® platform drives critical behavior change that results in biometric improvement (obesity, hypertension, and diabetes) for members and 3:1 value-on-investment for their employers.

Learn more about the study and download the infographic →

ROI by the Numbers:


Virgin Pulse members take 24% fewer sick days


Virgin Pulse members have 40% lower turnover rates


Virgin Pulse members are 38% more productive

SourceVP 2021 Engage Clients Member Satisfaction Survey, Number of respondents: 42,635