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ROI, Cost Savings and Benefits of Employee Wellbeing Programs

Forrester Research Reveals Proven ROI and Business Benefits Enabled by Virgin Pulse

The most successful companies know that employee wellbeing is not a “nice to have." It is a foundational layer of high-performing workforces everywhere and is a key factor in a long list of business outcomes, including healthcare costs, productivity, retention, safety, absenteeism, collaboration and company culture.

See the proof in Forrester Research's 2020 Total Economic Impact report, which reveals how companies in manufacturing, government contracting, software and healthcare addressed their unique challenges with Virgin Pulse's total health engagement platform — collectively saving over $30 million in just three years with an ROI of 162%. 

Download the Forrester report to learn: 

  • How you can increase productivity by 14% and save over $6 million in healthcare costs over three years.
  • Insights from global wellbeing managers, chief medical officers, and benefits analysts on the real business results they are achieving with Virgin Pulse.
  • What you should be measuring to prove the value on your investments in employee wellbeing.

“At the end of the day, it’s really making a difference in the team members’ lives. It’s changing the culture. It’s changing the way that they all view their own health, their own stress, [and] their own total wellbeing." 

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