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Back to Basics: Increase enrollment & engagement in your program

Whether you’re just kicking off your health and wellbeing program with us or you’re looking for a refresher, check out these foundational tactics to boost enrollment and engagement! These tips will help you ensure your members’ health and wellbeing journey starts off strong.  

We're continuously evolving to ensure we're meeting your and your members' expectations and needs, and we’re always listening to your feedback. We've heard from members on what are the most common roadblocks they experience—including Awareness, Education, and Operational Support—and we wanted to remind you of the simple steps you can take to overcome these barriers to increase your program enrollment and engagement. 


Strategies to significantly increase enrollment and engagement 

Awareness: Make sure your organization knows about your program.

We heard some employees weren't aware they had access to Virgin Pulse or didn’t understand how to use it, but it’s ok. We have some easy ideas to help generate more awareness about Virgin Pulse within your organization. Start by promoting your program through: 

  • Internal social channels: Do you have platforms like Yammer, Teams, Slack, and more? Leverage these channels to spread awareness about the platform! Feature a member success story, highlight a Wellbeing Champion, or share a reminder to get tracking to avoid missing out on incentives. Share updates regularly so members become familiar and comfortable with the platform. Check out some sample communications to help you get started.  
  • Flyers, digital displays, graphics: Whether your employees made their way back into the office or are still working remotely, using collateral can help boost awareness of your health and wellbeing program. These assets can be distributed in person (printed and posted in your office) or digitally (saved as a PDF and shared via email or your internal social channels). We’ve got some enrollment templates and program refresh templates you can use (Password: VirginPulseCRC!). 
  • Leadership messaging: Not much is more impactful than leadership buy-in, especially from your C-Suite or Executive Team. Consider looking to them to help support and generate additional awareness by participating, endorsing, and sharing their personal experiences using the platform with your employees. You’ll be amazed at how empowered your members will feel tackling their health and wellbeing journeys after they hear about your leaders’ first-hand successes. Download sample emails and a video script to help your leaders introduce the program and encourage employees to join. 
  • Wellness Champions Network: As members of your staff, these Champions support and foster the spirit of the Virgin Pulse program within your organization. Check out our Client Resource Center (Password: VirginPulseCRC!) for help establishing your Wellness Champions Network. Already have one? Download these materials to help your Champions engage and excite their fellow Virgin Pulse members. 


Education: Clearly demonstrating the “why” in the question, “Why does it matter?” 

It’s not enough to tell your employees how to leverage your health and wellbeing programs if they don’t understand their value. Simply put, remind your organization and reiterate why it’s important to participate in your health and wellbeing program. Make sure to include the personal benefits they’ll experience from engaging with it.  

  • Demonstrate the value of the platform: This is a great opportunity to level set by sharing some basics about Virgin Pulse while highlighting the benefits. This messaging can be shared in your internal social channels, via email, and in your office by you, your Wellbeing Champions, and your Leadership Team. Check out this file for information about Virgin Pulse and details on what makes the Virgin Pulse experience so effective.
    • Pro tip: Don’t forget to make it personal to your organization and members by reiterating and aligning to your goals and objectives. 
  • Promote your program by highlighting key health topics: As part of your program, members can explore a wide variety of health and wellbeing areas. Encourage your workforce to make healthier lifestyle choices, build sustainable daily routines, and increase awareness around the different health topics using the customizable resources available here (Password: VirginPulseCRC!).


Operational Support: From tech issues to personalized recommendations, we're here to support your members on their journey to better health and wellbeing.  

Even with continuous platform enhancements (like our more simplified and personalized homepage), we know some of us may need a little extra guidance on where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Help is no more than a click away.  

  • Guides: Our knowledgeable platform experts, called Guides, are here to answer your members' questions while showing them how and where to get started. Learn more about Guides.
  • Technical Issues: Need additional support? If something just isn’t clicking (like missing rewards or app malfunctions), then you can chat with an agent to resolve the issue or check out our FAQs page for general program information, video tutorials, and more. You can find Support here:
    • On Mobile: Click More in the bottom right corner of the app, then select Support.
    • On Desktop: Click Support in the upper right corner of the screen next to your profile picture.
  • Security Concerns: Virgin Pulse achieved HITRUST® Common Security Framework (CSF) Certification, which is the most comprehensive security framework currently available. Learn more about our recent security certification achievement.


We’re here to help 

Don’t forget, your Account Team is here to help. As an extension of your team, we can help you develop the best solutions to meet your members’ needs, from issues with enrollment to engaging with your program.  

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