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Culture Check: A pivotal first step towards employee wellbeing

We know recent times are tough for everyone, especially for employers who might be seeing the recent experts’ warning that employee voluntary turnover is likely to reach 35% in 2023. As you and your HR leaders manage turnover, there’s an even greater task ahead — getting a pulse on your new employees. Even if you evaluated your company culture previously, have you checked in lately? 

Recent research shows that 50% of employees are feeling burned out, and a company's culture plays a big role in that. More than a collection of unwritten rules, a company’s culture demonstrates the core values embodied and reinforced by your leadership team along with the perceptions of what’s valued at your organization. There are two foundational components of a successful culture:  

  • Alignment: Employees stating they know the culture, believe it is a good fit, and they demonstrate the company’s cultural behaviors. 
  • Authenticity: Employees value, identify with, and engage in the company’s culture. 

Creating a purposefully planned and executed culture increases trust, boosts employee satisfaction and engagement, reinforces healthy lifestyles, builds social connections, and creates a sense of belonging.  

Your path to a stronger, healthier company culture 

For over a decade, experts noted that leveraging company culture has the greatest impact on wellbeing initiatives and improving your population’s health. ​According to a recent study conducted by Virgin Pulse's lead researcher, Dr. Mary Marzec and published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (September 2022), higher culture scores are associated with higher work engagement and lower employee stress and depression—independent of individuals’ health status, gender, and job class. ​​ 

However, validated metrics and tools to provide a systematic approach for culture have been lacking. That’s where Virgin Pulse’s Culture Check comes in! 

Culture Check: A validated assessment and comprehensive approach 

Culture Check focuses on fostering a health and wellbeing culture as a whole – regardless of where individuals are in their health journey. Backed by scientific research with validated tools, Culture Check delivers confidence in two ways:  

  • Validation: Confidence that your culture is aligned with your business goals 
  • Prioritization: Confidence in the changes required to align culture with your business goals 

A strong culture of health can be transformative. Research shows that employers with a health-friendly culture have higher employee engagement and positive outcomes.  

How it works 

  1. Through Culture Check’s seven-dimensional assessment, members can complete a 3-minute assessment to capture work culture perceptions.  
  2. Next, Culture Check provides actionable data through an interactive reporting dashboard, as well as a location heatmap that delivers an overview of location-specific results. 
  3. Finally, review policy and program design and conduct brief, structured discussions with key stakeholders within your organization to capture insights on policies and practices while surfacing perceptions about the current and desired future state of your organization.​ 

Interested in learning more? View our webinar replay!

View our webinar replay where Missie Dillon, Director of Strategic Development, Mary Marzec, PhD, Senior Scientist of Virgin Pulse’s Science Advisory Board, and Virgin Pulse client, Karen Personett, Manager Wellness & Health Promotion, DTE Energy, discussed how Culture Check can help you get a pulse on your company’s culture. 

Power up your approach with an actionable health strategy  

Learn how you can move from best practices to next practices with Culture Check. Want to see it in action? Contact your Account Management Team for more details or request a demo. 

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