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A Health Coach’s reminder to set aside “me” time


With the end-of-year holidays wrapped up, we can welcome in a new year. It's natural to focus on the future while reflecting on the past. Have you thought about this very moment and what all the present offers? Don’t get me wrong, I am very much a planner and like structure. On the other hand, I like to reflect on the past and how to do better, grow, and learn more. But, with all the busyness of the holidays and end-of-year events, I am challenging myself to savor everyday moments.  

This morning while walking my 5-year-old daughter to school, she noticed a bead on the ground. Without hesitation, she picked it up and handed it to me. And said, “Here Momma. I want you to have it and think of me while I am in school.” Now, let me tell you—there is nothing fancy about this bead.  It’s clear and looks like it's from a bracelet someone made. I never would have thought that something so little could hold so much meaning and thoughtfulness. 

Prioritizing time for self-care  


As a Health Coach, I am reminded daily how we are all trying to do the best we can while juggling all that life has in store for us.

One specific member was struggling with time management, and she wanted to reduce her stress. She expressed how she is constantly doing stuff for her kids, her spouse, and other family members. Yet, she never has time for herself. She claimed, “It’s easy to put my own needs and desires on the back burner.” She felt like she wasn’t being her best self and as the saying goes “burning the candle at both ends.” Fortunately, with time, she realized that creating space for her “me time” made all the difference. She decided to wake up 30 minutes earlier each day and enjoy her hot cup of coffee without interruptions. She would take delight in it by savoring the quiet time and warmth that each sip offered. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference.  


Tip: Set aside dedicated “me” time 

Do you set aside “me” time? If not, I would love to encourage you to start planning for it. We can choose how to spend our time, but time will pass regardless.  

  • Pro Tip: We may feel less stressed if we prepare ourselves to have more of the experiences that illuminate our hearts and spill into the lives around us. This intentional approach opens the door for you to create your own inspired moments throughout the day.  
  • Why it matters: It frees up space for you to explore, play, enjoy, and soak up the meaning of the season, and celebrate the inherent joy that rests at the very heart of this time of year.  

Get_Featured_IconTip: Remind yourself to not miss out on the everyday moments 

There are times when a moment will stop you in your tracks or you might miss a moment entirely because you are thinking of something else or multitasking. When we get caught up in the speed of life, sometimes we need a reminder to slow down.  

  • Pro Tip: In anticipation of those times, consider carving out that “me” time and be intentional about making it what you want and need it to be. Then, find a little part of it—perhaps a small clear bead—you can keep in a place you see often.  
  • Why it matters: This reminds us that sometimes life can be spontaneous, and other times it might come just where you expect it. It helps lead you to the best part of who you are.  


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