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Coaching: Personal, one-on-one support

Organizations and employees are finding the current financial times incredibly troubling, making whole-person health and engagement a business imperative. While organizations focus on managing healthcare costs and recession planning,​ 94% expected an increase in medical services in 2022 due to delayed care, while 91% remain concerned about long-term mental health issues. Also, leaders are seeing the impact engagement has on productivity, leading to 74% of CEOs believing health risks could inhibit their ability to grow.

Elevating engagement through personalized support

As your members cope with the impact of their health or chronic conditions, they might also be entering a new period of workplace transition as organizations continue to move forward in the pandemic. To help members navigate the healthcare system and their care, they need meaningful, personalized support that can properly address their unique needs.  

By combining our digital health tools with our one-on-one Coaching, our Coaches' high-tech, high-touch approach simplifies and unifies the wellbeing experience. Not only do Coaches provide individualized support and connection, but they also empower your members to become experts in their own life while guiding them toward their wellbeing goals. In fact, 69% of high-risk, inactive members are more active after 3+ coaching calls.1 

Learn from your peer 


Webinar replay: People Need People: The Impact of Coaching

Check out our 30-minute webinar replay featuring our VP, Strategic Solutions - Population Health, Maggie Scott and Strategic Manager, Coaching Services, Monica Thibodeau, share a quick refresher of our Live Services offerings, including Coaching, in addition to real-life examples of members who have leveraged our coaches to manage their chronic conditions, mental health, preventive care, and more.

🎁 Bonus: Monica ends the session with a 2-minute mid-day pick-me-up meditation to help release some tension so you can get back to your day feeling focused and refreshed. Want more you-time? Check out our blog post A Health Coach’s reminder to set aside “me” time for ideas on how you can incorporate more mindful minutes into your day.


Incorporate Coaches into your wellbeing program 

Learn how we can assist you with supporting the ever-evolving needs of your members through Virgin Pulse’s Coaches. Contact your Account Management to learn how you can give your members access to personal, one-on-one support. 

1 Source: January 2021-December 2021, Engage product only, Members completed at least 3 coaching calls on Get Active.  

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