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Program design best practices and partners to boost engagement

It’s July and that means it’s a great time for a refresher on how our best practices and partners can help you boost member engagement.

We're here to help you support your members through the foundational tenants of how we know we can best achieve value. We want to make sure we drive an engaging health and wellbeing experience that is fun and approachable with something for everyone. We want to ensure your program has the maximum impact in all areas of your employees' wellbeing in order to drive program outcomes. ​A key driver of every program is the social dynamic that helps foster community​ and programming that uses a science-backed approach to behavior change. ​

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Virgin Pulse Best Practice Philosophy:

  • Let your Goals Drive your Strategy: Your goals should be in the driver’s seat. If we ever get lost in the program design process, always get back to your goals and see if your program aligns with those.  
  • Keep it Simple and Easy: Our most successful programs are the ones that are simple. Our research shows that programs that have too many components to it fail due to the diffusion of attention for the member. The member finds it too complex and disengages.
  • Make the Reward Attainable: Behavior change is a crawl-to-run approach- make your threshold attainable so that all can participate and experience the benefits of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation that Virgin Pulse brings. Offer small & frequent rewards for participation, progress, and completion.
  • Don’t Fear Change: Particularly if you had a pre-existing wellness program, it’s a common pitfall to focus on trying to mirror the design of the previous program. This is a new program, so embrace this as an opportunity to change it up. Instead of focusing on mirroring the design, focus on your goals first and work with your Virgin Pulse team to understand how Virgin Pulse can meet, and even exceed those goals within our best practices. 
  • Target your High-Risk Areas: What are the high health risks in your population? Do you have a population that is highly stressed out? Or perhaps has high blood pressure? Align your program to target those specifically. 
  • Drive Sustained Engagement: Choose to reward for behaviors that drive sustained engagement. While it’s great to know about your population’s metrics by rewarding them for their health risk assessment and screenings, it’s equally, if not more important to reward for forming healthy habits which contribute to behavior change.
  • Understand what Motivates your Population: Go for rewards that work in your organization. Cash is always a sure bet, but is your organization also big into donating to a charity? Do you have a rewards and recognition program you can feed rewards into?



Accelerate your health and wellbeing program with an orchestrated experience designed to improve health, lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce stress. 

VP+ enables you and your organization to take a deeper approach to solving complex health and wellbeing challenges facing your diverse populations.  We bring together premier partner solutions aimed at improving health, increasing productivity, and lowering costs – all on one contract, at considerable cost savings through a streamlined and secure process.


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We’re here to help 

We're continuously evolving to ensure we're meeting your and your members' expectations and needs, and we’re always listening to your feedback. We've heard from members on what are the most common roadblocks they experience. Check out these simple steps you can take to overcome these barriers to increase your program enrollment and engagement.  

Don’t forget, your Virgin Pulse Account Team is an extension of your team. They're here to help you develop the best solutions to meet your members’ unique needs and preferences.  

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