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Whether you’re looking to expand Virgin Pulse to your international population(s) or you’re located outside of the U.S., we know that you all share similar priorities, including growing your health and wellbeing programs. 

Wellbeing is being used by forward-thinking organizations to shape company culture, address significant mental health challenges, drive productivity and improve financial performance.  Wellbeing is seen as the most powerful tool in the reward portfolio today, and employers are investing more and expecting more.


  • 9x more likely to be satisfied with company culture when they feel a strong connection1
  • 24% of employers are adding better DEI & social support resources2
  • 38% of wellbeing members are more productive at work3
  • 98% of employers admit that employee financial wellbeing impacts their business – particularly regarding employee productivity, engagement, and turnover4​​​

We can help – let us show you how.

We are proud to say that our global presence and expertise ensures that no matter where your employees are located, they get the same life-changing experience and you reap the benefits every HR leader strives for, including:

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  • Improved employee wellbeing
  • Higher benefits usage
  • Enhanced company culture
  • Improved business performance

But are you aware of all that Virgin Pulse can do to support your global population?


We understand you have unique needs, and we have strived to create agnostic programs to fit all of them. So, what exactly could that support look like? Take a look below:


  • Language preferences - Members across the globe can select from our list of 20+ available languages and set their Virgin Pulse platform in their preferred language. Once a member chooses their language preference, they will view Virgin Pulse and receive all system-generated member communications and platform notifications in the chosen language. Additionally, local Wellbeing Admins can add their own translations or choose from any language in the Admin Portal to run challenges, launch surveys, daily tip cards, and healthy habits.
  • International-friendly Nutrition Guide - The International Nutrition Guide offers personalized nutrition plans in all available translations, plus nine nutrition PDFs, each focused on a different fundamental element of Nutrition education. These PDFs rotate daily to provide visual and content variety. Updated to reflect non-U.S. populations (i.e. Profile type – “All American Diet” is changed to Processed Foods)
  • Journeys Virgin Pulse Journeys provides the preparation and practice for developing new habits through multi-week guided courses for all members, translated into all languages.
  • Rich global wellbeing content – we deliver nearly 3,250+ rich global wellbeing content experiences in 20+ languages, including:
    • 2750+ daily cards
    • 400+ healthy habits
    • 37+ content channels
    • 48+ journeys
  • International-friendly Health Risk Assessments - Integrated NCQA-certified health risk assessment to uncover aggregate population health insights. For employees, it creates awareness and drives actions key to behavior change, including identifying new healthy habits or risk areas to address.
  • On-platform company challenges - Our library of Challenges offers a unique format for your members to engage in friendly competition and earn rewards. All standard challenges are translated into our 20+ languages. Each challenge offers benefits that align with your company’s wellbeing goals whether that is a global, company-wide challenge or segmented challenges that are culturally relevant.
  • Segment your benefits & programs - Based on Eligibility File values, Virgin Pulse can segment programs & benefits to promote to employees internationally, domestically or both.
  • Workplace Health & Wellbeing - Our Workplace Health & Wellbeing team focuses on building a culture of health, enhancing health and wellbeing engagement, and driving healthy behavior change. They customize the wellbeing journey by combining an individualized platform experience with localized health and wellbeing strategies and programming that better resonates with your members.
  • Virgin Pulse Sleep Guide - The Sleep Guide is available and translated into all languages so that all your members can earn rewards, track and analyze sleep results, and modify habits or routines to improve their sleep health.
  • Global partner ecosystem - Our global partner ecosystem features a curated and growing list of global partners that simplify and extend health and wellbeing for you and your members.
  • Client Admin Portal - Target, reach and understand international segments through your wellbeing platform using available Admin Tools.
  • On-demand analytics at the local level - A suite of intuitive, self-serve tools help measure the impact of your program in real-time across different organizational hierarchies.
  • A global wellbeing program with local aspects & flexibility - Our platform allows you to segment offerings to different values on the eligibility file. Segmentations allow you to apply specific content and product features to different populations.
    • Workplace Options (Global Coaching and EAP) - Workplace Options offers emotional, practical, and physical wellbeing support to employees and their families around the world. From 15 Global Service Centers and a network of more than 83,000 providers, WPO serves 100,000+ organizations and more than 65 million employees in over 200 countries and territories.

And last but not least, our global clients have access to our experts to help with their strategy, implementing best practices, and assisting them through every stage of our partnership together – our Account Management Team.

And we're ready to take this journey with you!

Contact your Account Management Team to learn more about how you can get started growing your health and wellbeing programs around the world today.

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