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VP Navigate: Simplifying benefits and increasing savings

Did you know that only 12% of people feel they have sufficient literacy to navigate the healthcare landscape? That means that most of your employees lack the necessary tools to spur confidence to select the right support, and they’re missing out on taking advantage of their benefits. Couple your members’ confusion with the rising costs of care and your members may be overspending or choosing to delay care in general—which can be detrimental to their health. In fact, nearly one in five older adults who experienced delayed medical care reported perceiving their health was negatively affected by the care delay. 

We know that you do your best to promote your suite of benefits in various ways—through the Virgin Pulse app, webinars for your members, in-office signage, or even through your company’s intranet.

Your employees are inundated with options. Nearly one-third of employees want their employers to provide online decision-support tools, so what else can you do to assist your members so that they feel confident when they make healthcare decisions?  Don’t worry, we can help!

VP Navigate is a simplified healthcare navigation solution built around your existing health plan, that's personalized to your members' unique needs, and allows for digital self-service plus on-demand, live advocacy.


How can you help your members?

By adding VP Navigate to your health and wellbeing program, you can provide your members with a simplified, connected solution that offers critical support for improving health outcomes and reducing financial burden for both you and your members.

Digital tools for your members

As part of VP Navigate, you can provide your members with a set of digital tools that help them better understand their medical plan benefits and get the right care at the right time, including:

  • Digital wallet​
  • Medical plan overview​
  • Medical plan benefit FAQs​
  • View plan accumulators
  • Individualized plan tips​
  • Centralized care search
  • Find a doctor
  • Virtual doctor visits​
  • Estimate procedure costs​
  • Medical claims history​
  • Member steerage*
  • Guides​

*  Steer members towards preferred providers, quality providers, or fair price facilities.
†  Heath and Benefits Guides available as Add-on

VP Navigate with Advocacy

Taking VP Navigate to the next level

Add Health and Benefits Guides to VP Navigate to further complement your benefit navigation solution for your members. These benefit experts can help your employees navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. They can also help members better utilize available benefits and programs available in the app—like Journeys.

Navigating the healthcare system is challenging and members need guidance on how to get the right care at the right times while helping improve care compliance, close gaps in care, and drive down costs. 

What are Health and Benefits Guides and how can they help? Guides are Virgin Pulse healthcare experts who assist your members in overcoming barriers to care and compliance with appointments. They can also help your members enhance their quality of life, improve health metrics, and better utilize their available benefits. By working directly with providers, health, and social resources, Guides also help coordinate care for your members with chronic or critical health conditions.


See it in action

We know you work hard to promote your available benefits in many ways, including webinars, signage, email, and other promotions in and out of the Virgin Pulse app. Let's take your hard work to the next level. VP Navigate can help your members overcome barriers created by lack of awareness and poor benefits utilization—which helps reduce the burden on your HR team.

Contact your Account Management Team, check out our webinar recap blog post, or request a demo to see it in action to learn more.

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