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VP+: A seamless, affordable global wellbeing ecosystem

By now, you’ve most likely heard of our VP+ offering and all the incredible benefits and results you can garner from it, but have you really stopped to take the time to understand what VP+ can actually do for you and your organization? 

All the things we know you work so hard to accomplish, including and especially, increasing engagement in your benefits utilization and positive health outcomes, easing administrative burden, and cutting costs, can be done simply by implementing VP+. 

Let us show you how 

Increased engagement 

  • Clients who offer RethinkCare (formerly known as Whil) through VP+ saw 4X more members engaged when integrated into Virgin Pulse versus standalone book of business 
  • Clients who offer Foodsmart through VP+ saw 33% more members engaged when integrated into Virgin Pulse versus standalone book of business 

Positive health outcomes 

  • Clients who offer Kaia Health through VP+ saw a decrease in pain levels reported by members in the six-week VP+ program 

Eased administrative burden 

  • With 350,000 health–related apps and counting, identifying, contracting, communicating, and accessing the right one can be highly challenging and stressful – but it’s in this chaos that Virgin Pulse excels. We’ve done the work to ease the procurement and implementation burden, and we're providing you with flexibility in partner choice. 

Cutting costs 

  • Clients who implement VP+ save an average of 40-60% off standard partner pricing 

A testimonial from Katie Callender, the Senior Wellness & Health Risk Manager at Higginbotham. Our employees are our biggest asset and to perform their best, they need to feel their best – physically, emotionally, and financially.  We’ve partnered with 4 VP+ vendors - Aaptiv, Foodsmart, Enrich and Kaia Health - in 2021.  Integration with VP+ allows our employees seamless, one-stop-shop access to tools and resources that can improve their overall health and earn credit towards their annual rewards. VP+ is our curated, impeccable partner ecosystem offering global reach and cultural relevance, which specifically answers challenges that administrators may face. Virgin Pulse opens the door to an ecosystem of leading point solutions where our partners complete our rigorous checks, including applicable 'global’ reviews with advantageous and negotiated pricing. 

Built on daily engagement and use, you'll see an increased activation and ongoing engagement with our pre-built partner integrations for access and rewards. 

Partners with global capabilities 

As part of our mission to change lives for good, we're crossing borders to offer capabilities that focus on health and wellbeing around the world. This includes some of our VP+ partners who have various capabilities whether it’s offering their services in different countries or supporting several different languages. To highlight a few:

  • Enrich—who focuses on financial wellbeing—can support 12 different languages and 19 countries
  • MORE Health offers expert medical opinion services and supports 129 languages and most countries worldwide
  • RethinkCare—which offers parental success, professional development, and personal wellbeing programs—supports 9 languages and 120 countries

Accelerate your benefits with VP+ 

Designed to impact health care cost drivers, increase productivity and reduce stress, VP+ gives Virgin Pulse clients the flexibility to turn on partners that fit the needs of your population, without adding administrative burden to your benefits team.  

Choose from the most sought-after partners across nine categories—including mindfulness and resilience, nutrition, physical activity, musculoskeletal, tobacco cessation, financial wellbeing and family health, prescription cost savings, and expert medical opinion—all at discounted prices, exclusive to Virgin Pulse clients. 

Contact your Account Management Team or see it in action to learn more. 

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