The Future of Health, Wellbeing, and Navigation


Over 6,000 organizations worldwide use Virgin Pulse and our partner ecosystem to drive health and wellbeing actions that matter today, future-proofed for tomorrow. That means we are always ready for what comes next.

Virgin Pulse Trends and Predictions explores the fast-changing, fast-growing world of health and wellbeing benefits. 

Predictions 2023: Personalized health, community & belonging in the workplace, caregiving to cancer, and whole-person wellbeing are not just trends, but essentials for employers, health plans & systems

The past two years have been unpredictable for organizations.

Health and wellbeing have become an organizational priority, and for a good reason. With soaring inflation, a wellbeing crisis, and the line between work and life forever blurred, people are now deeply invested in their health and wellbeing and how their organizations, health plans, and systems support them through economic uncertainty. From existing to prospective employees, people are now looking at how you solve their challenges.

The challenge now: How can you keep moving, adjusting your strategy, and keeping pace with emerging and evolving needs?

We asked experts across the health, wellbeing, and benefits navigation spectrum to give their perspectives on what the next three years will look like for employers, health plans, and health systems. Why can we be so bold to go beyond 2023? Because the trends and predictions that follow are not fads. These are essentials. To be successful, organizations must shape a future that works for everyone: individuals, the workforce, and the organization, not just for 2023 but future-proofed for tomorrow.

Over 6,000 organizations worldwide use Virgin Pulse and the Virgin Pulse partner ecosystem to translate their goals and values into meaningful health and wellbeing actions and outcomes.

Our strength means you can proceed confidently because we are always ready for what comes next.

The Future of Health, Wellbeing, and Benefits Navigation

The ongoing and unprecedented changes we face in all areas of work and life continue to challenge organizational leaders – and the decision-makers that represent them – that now is the time to act.

Many organizational leaders expected by now to be focused on post-pandemic growth. Instead, most are navigating the challenge of rising healthcare costs, deferred care trends, the need to build community and belonging, designing hybrid and remote employee experiences, dealing with stress and burnout, and a wellbeing crisis, and finding themselves hyper-focused on retention after years of acquisition.

With all this in play and the future uncertain, 2023 and beyond will see a growing emphasis on health and whole-person wellbeing. A holistic organizational strategy that recognizes individuals and addresses their unique needs today and tomorrow.

Virgin Pulse and our world-class partner ecosystem help future-proof that strategy as organizations evolve their health, wellbeing, and benefits navigation solutions. To help organizations make sense of emerging needs, we asked global experts to share – What might the next three years look like for people and their organizations?

From caregiving to cancer, health to community, experts give their predictions for 2023 – and beyond.

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Be Future-Ready: Trending Insights

Experts discuss the emerging health, wellbeing, and benefits navigation trends for 2023 and beyond

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2023 Predictions for Employers, Health Plans, and Health Systems

Executives predict that people will seek more control and personalization in health, belonging, and wellbeing solutions delivered by organizations.

The Future of Health, Wellbeing, and Navigation

Access predictions from Virgin Pulse ecosystem partners and global experts to see what experts see and foresee the future of health, wellbeing, work, benefits, and more will look like in 2023 and beyond.

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