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Harnessing the Power of Positivity to Build Resilience

Happiness is crucial for wellbeing, especially in times of high stress.

It's clear that the pandemic has taken an emotional toll on many of us. As workplaces begin to reopen, employers are attempting to rebuild their organizational culture to fit the new world of work. Helping employees focus on the present moment, find happiness, and create healthy habits will be key to building resilience and managing stress as they endure this transition.

In this tip sheet, you'll learn new and eye-opening ways that positivity and happiness can solve many of the practical problems we may face in times of crisis and change.


Read insights from cognitive scientist and professor of Psychology at Yale University, Dr. Laurie Santos, as she explores the science behind happiness and how prioritizing our mental wellbeing and social connection can improve overall health, immunity and performance. 

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  • The ways exercise, proper nutrition, and proper sleep boost your mood, health, and wellbeing
  • How practicing daily gratitude and mindfulness can enhance overall wellbeing and emotional resilience
  • How a wellbeing platform enables employees to improve mental health, manage stress, build resilience, and stay socially connected

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