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Live Services: The right help at the right time leads to great outcomes

We’re two years into the pandemic and while the worst is hopefully behind us, there are many mental and physical health challenges that employees are still dealing with, on top of ongoing pandemic-related life disruptions. Many people also avoided or delayed healthcare for physical conditions, and health professionals have been stretched thinner than ever.  

We’ve also seen an increased need for connection—connection to information, and support around health, wellbeing, and benefits navigation. 

Value on investment

Virgin Pulse clients that leverage our Live Services experts see a positive impact on their members' health and wellbeing.

  • 46% of coaching members improved their stress score after at least 3 calls with a health coach
  • 56% of coaching members maintained or improved their BMI after 3+ coaching calls related to nutrition or weight management
  • And 75% of members agreed or strongly agreed they feel more focused, present, and motivated at work after engaging with a member of our live services team

People need people

When members are supported in the right way, at the right time, we see meaningful change. As part of Virgin Pulse’s Live Services, you can empower your population in a variety of ways.

  • Next-Steps Consult: one-time call, raising health awareness and connecting members to best-fit benefit programs and resources

  • Guides: A member can call anytime but will be connected to a different Guide each time. Guides offer a personalized consultation on maximizing the experience, navigating resources, and illuminating the next best step

  • Coaching: A member can connect telephonically or via messaging with a coach. These are member-led sessions meaning a member can have one session or many. If many, it will be with the same coach over time – developing a relationship that results in meaningful outcomes. A live, interactive process that challenges members to develop their inner wisdom, identify their values and transform their wellbeing goals into action by facilitating healthy, sustainable behavior change

  • Workplace Health & Wellbeing Solutions: Build a grassroots culture of health and wellbeing through a variety of workplace roles—a full (or part-time) person focused on the health and wellbeing of your workforce

    • Client-dedicated Coaching: Dedicated individual and group coaching support, in-person or virtually 
    • Health & Wellbeing Specialists: Population-focused, driving engagement and activation across locations, through targeted programming and communications
    • Program Managers: Strategic subject matter experts with industry savvy to guide, create, and deliver a comprehensive workplace wellbeing strategy
    • Engagement Specialist: Focused support and expertise delivered through solution packages to address key program priorities for the greatest impact

Discover the impact 

Read the full client success story to learn how a large public sector employer implemented Virgin Pulse Coaching and Health & Wellbeing specialists with their 77,000-member population to stay active, feel grounded, and be the best versions of themselves. After members engaged in these services, the employer saw 79% follow-up completion rate for Coaching Calls and 62% of members became more active since joining Virgin Pulse (of those who are high-risk, inactive members).


Coaching for members outside of the US

For those with members based outside of the United States, contact your Virgin Pulse Account Team to learn how Global Coaching, available through Workplace Options, can help you enhance your health and wellbeing program.


Want to learn more?

Contact your Account Management Team or see it in action to learn how you can incorporate live services into your program.