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Action Required: curing the loneliness epidemic​

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People are lonelier than ever, which means their health is at a greater risk. In order to thrive, GCC_Animated_1FPS people need social connections but sometimes, they need a little help in making them. As a key part of your members’ health and wellbeing journeys, you’re in a unique position to aid them in fostering connections. 

How can you help? Join Virgin Pulse and your peers across the globe in connecting for good! 

To further support you and your members, we’ve created a new way to foster old and new social connections: introducing our Global Connect Challenge, Striding for Connection. 

Activity and content to encourage connections  

Loneliness isn't just emotional. When we feel disconnected, our risk for anxiety and depression, heart disease, dementia and stroke increases. Social connection is part of the cure—and it's something we can all use more of! In this virtual team challenge, you’ll discover how to make and deepen connections in all areas of your life. The more steps we take together, the stronger we become. GCC+Alpha_004

Designed for both introverts and extroverts, your members will be challenged over the course of five weeks to get moving via simple, everyday actions – whether walking, running, or some other form of step-taking activity. Members will connect with other colleagues for healthy competition and accountability. 

The challenge content features contributions from Virgin Pulse’s Chief Medical Officer Jeff Jaques, MD and has been clinically validated by Jodi Smith, RN Director of Clinical Quality, and anxiety and depression coach team manager Maren Rosenbach, RN. 

Making connections all year long  

We change lives—and businesses—for good. As a global health, wellbeing, and navigation company, we’re the best established to aid over 14 million people from 190 countries and territories in curing the loneliness epidemic. Many ways our members improve social wellbeing and connectivity year-round include: 

  • Participating in a Challenge 
  • Inviting up to 10 Friends & Family members 
  • Giving and getting Shoutouts 
  • Creating and joining Social Groups 
  • Getting 1:1 support from our Coaching experts – see how one of our members fostered connections with the help of a Virgin Pulse Coach below 
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Join the movement 

The new Connect Challenge is a chance to empower your members to make connections. Help them reduce their risk of developing chronic conditions, decrease stress levels, and increase motivation to engage in self-care. 

Join the movement of Virgin Pulse members connecting for good to combat loneliness, together. The more steps we take together, the stronger we become.​​ 


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