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Webinar Recap & Replay: Condition Management

During a recent webinar, Dr. Jeff Jacques, Chief Medical Officer, and Maggie Scott, VP of Strategic Solutions – Population Health, shared ways in which you can contain costs, optimize your healthcare spending, and better support your populations with chronic conditions. Read our recap below and watch our replay to learn more.


Why it’s important to offer chronic condition management support

Jeff Jacques_01_2First, we were joined by Dr. Jacques who emphasized the importance of managing chronic conditions, addressing behavioral health challenges and the positive impact that engagement with our Homebase for Health® can have on individuals' wellbeing and overall business outcomes.

Impact of Chronic Conditions

The current framework post-pandemic is focusing on condition management, particularly chronic conditions. Over 42% of Americans are overweight or obese, with higher rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol derangement. The delay in accessing care due to the pandemic has led to worsened conditions and increased costs of care.

Increasing Cancer Costs

Cancer has become a leading cost driver for employers and health plans, surpassing musculoskeletal (MSK) issues. Delays in cancer screenings during the pandemic have resulted in more advanced stages of cancer, leading to increased treatment costs and decreased cure rates.

Behavioral Health Challenges

The pandemic has highlighted existing behavioral health issues, with high rates of anxiety and depression. Social isolation has intensified loneliness, impacting individuals' wellbeing and exacerbating underlying mental health conditions. The decrease in access to behavioral health specialists has made it challenging for individuals to find work-life harmony and address their mental health needs.

Health Improvements Through Engagement

Engaging with health technology platforms, like Virgin Pulse's home base for health, can lead to positive outcomes. Analysis of engagement data showed a decrease in BMI, blood pressure, and glucose levels among members. These improvements translated into potential business gains, including decreased unplanned absences, lower turnover rates, and reduced likelihood of applying for workman's comp. The clinical and business cost savings made the investment in engagement programs worthwhile, with a potential 3 to 1 return on investment.


How Virgin Pulse Can Help You and Your Members

MaggieScott2 (1)Next, Maggie Scott highlighted the ways in which Virgin Pulse can help you identify current and emerging risks in your population by helping your members assess their health status. Additionally, Maggie outlined ways you can support your population’s health across the continuum of health including VP Transform, our digital therapeutics solution.

Assessing Health Status

Virgin Pulse offers various tools like Health Check Assessments and Concierge Screenings to identify health risks in employee populations. These assessments provide valuable data for program design and targeted strategies. Learn more about:

Shifting Population Health

Virgin Pulse supports the full continuum of health, from healthy individuals to those at high risk. Digital coaching Journeys and live support are available to help individuals improve their mental health, identify barriers, and achieve their health goals. Learn more about:

VP Transform

Integrated into our platform, VP Transform is Virgin Pulse's digital therapeutic solution that offers an evidence-based curriculum, connected hardware for tracking health measures, and personalized coaching to address various health concerns like pre-diabetes, weight management, and hypertension.

Impact on Members' Lives

Personal stories highlight the positive impact of Virgin Pulse's programs. Many Virgin Pulse members experienced significant weight loss, reduced blood pressure, and overall improvement in their health and quality of life by participating in these behavior change programs.



Webinar Replay


See it in action

Every successful health and wellbeing program must have tools that enable members to assess their health and solutions they can adopt to help them improve their health and quality of life.

Interested in learning more about our assessment and condition management solutions? Contact your Virgin Pulse Account Team to learn more.

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