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Winter 2022 Product Launch Season

Guiding you to your next best action to drive outcomes, starting with your new digital front door.

For Winter ’22, we are transcending wellbeing with whole-person health upgrades to our industry-leadingHomebase for Health experience. It starts with next-generation transparency, steerage and advocacy, layered onto our world-class engagement platform with a redesigned and optimized digital front door, guiding members to trusted multimedia content and expanded one-on-one support.

Throughout the Winter, we'll be launching enhancements to our wellbeing, navigation, and health programs.

Wellbeingwellbeing 2

Winter ’22 launch brings an update to our industry-leading digital front door: A redesigned homepage experience that is customizable and dynamic, underscoring our ability to deliver sustained engagement for our clients. In addition, the media library will offer content on fitness, mindfulness, and meditation and provide a more inclusive set of options that apply to our global population. Learn more about our Wellbeing innovations:

  • Digital Front Door (New Homepage) - Our updated homepage provides Rewards, My Actions, and Stats at the top of the platform to help motivate users to engage in the app
  • Media Library - A new and immersive experience that builds on purpose-driven content, inclusive of video and audio to help excite and engage members to reach their health & wellbeing goals

Healthhealth 2

Winter ’22 launch deepens Virgin Pulse’s capability to support members in managing their health and conditions. We are deepening our condition care support with evidence-based coaching plans to optimize management and outcomes for the most prevalent chronic conditions. We are offering a new solution that guarantees outcomes and offers flexibility in how a member engages with a coach. And finally, we are continuing to expand our insights and analytics portfolio to deliver partner reporting and the full picture of a member’s state of health and wellbeing. Health enhancements include:

  • Condition Coaching Plans - Integrate live coaching interactions with ongoing digital experiences and recommendations to create a more seamless path for participants and maximum results
  • Expanded Coaching Access - Members now have the ability to message a Coach directly from multiple places within the platform, including the Health tab and the Coach landing page
  • Engagement Specialist - The Engagement Specialist is a client-focused member of the Virgin Pulse account team, focused on building a culture of health, enhancing health and wellbeing engagement, and driving health behavior change through awareness and activation

Navigationnavigation 2

In Winter ’22 we are building on our Navigation and Guidance capabilities. We’ve combined the power of AI digital tools with guidance from live subject matter experts to deliver more transparency and guidance, putting members back in control when making healthcare decisions. Innovations include a provider search, virtual appointments, claims detail and history, and estimated procedure costs. Learn how our Navigation updates help remove barriers to care:

  • VP Navigate with Steerage - VP Navigate™ enables members to find the right benefit at the right time seamlessly within their Virgin Pulse experience. With a mix of digital tools and live support that helps members better understand their medical plan benefits, find higher quality, lower cost providers, and sort through all of the benefit offerings they receive with smart searching and recommendations.
  • VP Navigate Pro - VP Navigate Pro complements the intuitive online experience with our Health & Benefits Guides. These benefit experts advocate for members and assist them in overcoming barriers to care and compliance with appointments.

Check out our launch website (password: gemini12) or contact your Account Management team to learn more or get started on this season's enhancements.

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