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Food for Thought: Drive down costs & increase health with nutrition partners

Did you know that employees with unhealthy diets are 66 % more likely to report a drop in productivity and 42% of adults have obesity? That means nearly half your members could have obesity and two-thirds could be falling behind with work.  What are you doing to support your members? 

Nutrition-focused support is critical to your health and wellbeing program. Here at Virgin Pulse, we have a variety of ways we can help you enhance your nutritional offerings and support your population’s unique needs. 

Whether it’s budget-friendly meals, healthy recipes, or gut health, we’ve got you covered with our partner ecosystem. Learn more how you can help your population eat well, feel better, and save money with three of Virgin Pulse’s nutrition partners. 


foodsmart_logoSave Money and Find Easy, Healthy Recipes with Foodsmart, a VP+ Partner 


Backed by a national network of registered dietitians, Foodsmart is a digital nutrition platform with a variety of tools that make eating well easy, affordable, and accessible for all.


Through this platform, Foodsmart offers several 12-week nutritional programs supporting weight management, chronic conditions, health and wellness, cost savings, and more.   

Check out additional resources on how to increase the nutritional health of your members with Foodsmart 


Diet-ID-Logo-ColorImprove Health Outcomes with Diet ID’s Revolutionary Dietary Assessment Tool 

DietID_91Diet ID is a scientifically valid, digital toolkit that reinvents dietary assessment and management with an innovative, clinically tested visual approach to optimizing health. Through a simplified user experience, members complete a 1-minute image-based assessment, then receive personalized, evidence-based nutrition plans based on their health objectives. Save time, effort, and cost while generating a personalized route to wellness — in just minutes.  

Check out additional resources on how to increase the nutritional health of your members with Diet ID 


MicrosoftTeams-image (10)Whole-Person Care for People Living with Digestive and Metabolic Illnesses by Digbi Health 

DigbiHealth_1800Digbi Health is a proven gut microbiome, genetic-based virtual care platform to treat the root cause of poly-chronic illnesses associated with gut health and weight. Digbi Health is leading through innovation and defining digestive healthcare as it should be—easy, convenient, and whole-person centered.  

Check out additional resources on how to increase the nutritional health of your members with Digbi Health 


We’re here to help  

View our webinar replay to discover how Virgin Pulse’s VP+ solution seamlessly enables a connected health experience through a collection of integrated partners in a one-contract buying solution at considerable cost savings. 

Interested in learning how you can enhance your health and wellbeing program with nutrition partners? Contact your Virgin Pulse Account Team to learn more or see it in action by requesting a demo 

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